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Selecting the Ideal Tile Material for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

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Kitchen and bathroom renovations often focus on the selection and installation of beautiful, functional tiles. While many homeowners and designers prioritize appearance, choosing the ideal tile material involves more than just visual appeal. The durability, maintenance requirements, and practicality must also be considered to ensure a successful and long-lasting renovation. With a myriad of tile […]

Transitioning Tile Styles in Open Concept Spaces: Tips and Techniques

house with open-concept living spaces

Open-concept living spaces have gained immense popularity in modern homes, offering a seamless flow between rooms and fostering a sense of spaciousness, connectivity, and visual harmony. However, designing these multifunctional areas presents unique challenges in maintaining cohesion while still defining individual zones. One particularly effective approach to striking this balance lies in the strategic use […]

Why Homeowners Must Switch to Tile Flooring for Their Houses


Whether renovating a room or doing a major overhaul, a home remodelling project is one of the best times to increase your property value, improve functionality, and enhance comfort. This significant project can also make your property or space look more attractive. 

Exploring the Differences between Commercial and Residential Tile


For countless commercial settings, tile is often the go-to flooring option. Its durability, low maintenance, and attractive appearance make it an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, lobbies and more. That being said, the tile used in residential settings is quite different from commercial tile, and the installation process of these two products differs significantly. Let’s […]

Choosing the Right Tile for Your Home: 4 Tile Types


Choosing the right tile for your home can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s important to consider the properties and aesthetics of each type of tile. In this blog, we’ll focus on four of the most popular tile types. Continue reading for more information. 1. Marble Marble is a timeless classic […]

Why Should You Hire a Professional Tile Installer?

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By hiring a professional tile installer, you can ensure that your tiles are installed correctly and quickly. Professional tile installers have experience with various materials and techniques and can help you create a unique and stylish look for your space. Moreover, they can save you time and money, as they can often complete the job […]

10 Tips on Matching Bathroom Tiles Properly, Pt. 1

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Are you looking to update your bathroom but don’t know where to start? A great way to refresh the look and feel of your bathroom is to add matching tiles. However, it can be challenging to find the right combination of colours and textures that create a cohesive look.  In this guide, we’ll provide you […]

Choosing between Ceramic or Porcelain Tile for Bathrooms

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When it comes to modernizing your bathroom, new flooring is a must. Since bathrooms tend to be humid, it is important to choose a material that is waterproof and moisture-resistant. Natural tile is the best option for a residential bathroom due to its durability and attractive appearance.  In terms of natural flooring options for bathrooms, […]

Essential Steps to Choosing the Right Bathroom Tiles for Your Home

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When it comes to the bathroom, tiles are the most important material you need to consider. Tiles not only give the bathroom a finished look, but they also provide a practical and hygienic surface to walk on. But with so many different tiles available, deciding on the right tiles for your bathroom can be a […]

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Tiles for Your Bathroom

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A house is a valuable asset because it provides shelter and security and can be an investment. For this reason, all prospective homeowners try to find the perfect home. However, not everyone has the luxury of this, so they settle for installing improvements instead. One example is the bathroom tiles, which are functional and aesthetically […]