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Large Format Tile Installation Vancouver

What the Heck is “Large Format” Tiling?

There was a time when a 24”x24” tile was considered large format. Thinset manufacturers developed LFT (Large Format Tile) specialty mortars to target this new class of tile. For terminology’s sake, tiles are considered ‘large format’ if they have a surface area greater than 24”x48”.

The slabs that Dynamic Tile & Stone installs are made of porcelain or Dekton that is 4mm to 6mm thick and generally 4 or 5 feet wide by 8 or 10 feet long. Transporting, handling, cutting and surface preparation of large format tiles require a more developed skill set than the tile setting done just a decade ago.

Why Would I Want a Large Format Tile?

Styles and designs change. If you’re still wearing a jean jacket as a blazer I apologize for being the bearer of this sad news.

Large format tiles have become quite popular because of their impressive look and minimal grout lines. Nobody has ever tiled any surface because they want more grout in their lives! At least, not that we know of.

Large format tiles carry with them an inherent sense of luxury which is why they can be found in more and more high end exclusive locations such as some of our cities’ finest hotels and homes.

Bigger Means a Faster and Easier Installation Right?

This is a construction myth unfortunately. Think of tiling a floor like scaling a mountain. A higher mountain will never take less time to climb than a smaller one.

There are many factors at play with any tile installation however with large format tiles the preparations need to be dialed in even further.

Preparations to consider such as the possibility of needing to level the flooring substrate and making sure that the substrate walls are plumb and true are just a couple of examples. These things take time. However not nearly as much time as skipping these important steps and ending up with an undesirable finish.

How you start is how you finish so it’s always best to start with the pros that know. The pros at Dynamic Tile & Stone are in the know and ready to go!